Keep your K-Drill cutting well with these replacement parts.

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12" Auger Extension
Price: $60.00

- Adds length to your K-Drill Ice Auger System. In conditions of thick ice, be sure to clear the hole of of ice several times to assure excess ice shavings do not build-up in the hole which will bind the auger and make it hard to lift out once the hole is complete. Extension helps when cutting through thick ice (beyond 3 foot) or when you need extra length when drilling in a permanent fish house or when you just don't want to bend over so for when drilling through thick ice. Easy to install...

Drive Adapter
Price: $24.00

Replacement Drive Adapter for your 6" and 8" K-Drill Ice Auger Systems.Includes: Drive Adapter only no washer or snap ring.

K-Drill Replacement Blades
Price: $40.00

How to Change the Blades Remove the center tip blade with 3/16” Allen wrench. Remove the outside chipper blades with 7/16” open end wrench. Replace the outside chipper blades and snug the bolts into position. Torque an additional 1⁄4 turn and STOP! (Don’t over-tighten) Torque bolt of center tip to 115 in/lbs.

K-Drill Replacement Float
Price: $4.00

Keeps the auger floating if it should slip out of the drill chuck.

K-Drill Replacement Safety Cover
Price: $19.95

Note: After cutting the ice fishing holes the auger should ALWAYS be put in a safe place and ALWAYS place and ALWAYS place the protective cover over blades when not drilling to protect against personal injury or damage to the auger or blade(s).